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Reasons Why Every Homeowner Should Go Solar In New York

Unsure about switching to solar panels in New York? Energy conservation and efficiency are more than a personal move; it’s a global initiative. With advancements in technology, one can’t help but wonder about the possibility of unlimited energy. The excellent news is that it has been a dream come true for many homeowners in the city. Besides, it’s always a good day to lower your energy bill!


Why You Should Go Solar In New York

Let’s start with where it hurts the most…

  • Reduced energy bill

Every day we are looking to save up from our expenses, and at the center is the energy bill. No one is saying that solar takes away your bill instantly. That further depends on the size of the panel and your electrical usage. If you get it right here, offsetting your bill entirely is possible. You may save as little as $100 to even three times this amount monthly. In two decades, that’s a whole whopping $30,000 or so. Besides, there are solar incentives which include the option to lease the panels or take out a loan if you don’t want to spend a buck!

Aren’t you tired of the inflating electricity rates? Judging from the looks of it, we should expect an increase unless you contact a solar company in New York such as Green Visions Solar and make the switch right about now!

  • Conserve the environment

While solar panels are attractive, thanks to the financial benefits we harness, you will also be doing a good job saving the environment. Each year the carbon dioxide emissions are 17.9% in the USA alone. Similarly, an average residential solar system offsets approximately 100,000 lbs of the same gas in twenty years! That is the emissions of a vehicle driving at 100,000 miles to put into perspective.

  • Boost your home value

Solar power in Syracuse, New York could help if you are looking for another way to boost your property other than installing a sunroom. They promote lower property taxes while giving you sustainable property. As per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, installing solar panels makes your house 20% more attractive than homes without. That’s not even all; the house sells for 17% higher. If we are right, this may save you approximately $17,000.

  • You don’t need money upfront

The common misconception is that solar panels are costly, so you may want to wait long enough to have money saved up. The New York Power Solutions has come up with initiatives so that you don’t require to get any money out of your account. Some solar companies in Syracuse, New York offer solar leasing. That said, there could not be a better time to install panels than now. Because guess what? The Federal Solar Tax Credit will offer you back 30% of the total costs. Not just in the equipment but the installation as well. Let’s put it this way, if the solar system is $25,000, you save $7500 in taxes!

  • Solar is a wise investment

The upfront cost of solar may seem high, but it is a low-risk investment with high returns if you think further. Expect your annual returns to fall somewhere between 10% to 30%. And these go up to thirty years. However, your returns will be affected by the current electric rate, available incentives, solar efficiency, and the features of your property like the roof orientation and the climate.

Searching for solar companies in Upstate New York? There has never been a perfect time for going solar in New York than now. With the possibility of not spending even a buck relishing the benefits of lower energy bills, there is no excuse for homeowners.


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