Solar installation in autumn

Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider a Solar Installation in Autumn

There is a common misconception that solar panel installation is best during summer. However, autumn is an excellent time of the year to install solar panels and maximize your energy production, even though there are many sunny days. The cool and slightly sunny weather is the perfect match for energy utilization and production.

Residential solar power can be an alternate power source, irrespective of the weather. So, considering the seasonal conditions, here are 3 top reasons you should have a solar installation in autumn.


1.    Perfect Weather Condition

Just like other seasons have their purpose, so does autumn. The cool temperatures of autumn are beneficial for energy utilization. For example, extremely hot weather temperatures may cause a reduction in the output efficiency of panels and ultimately reduce the ability of solar panels to provide the required power production. However, going solar in autumn offers cool and warm weather conditions for solar panels to utilize solar energy for power production and consumption properly.


2.    Prepares for Winter

Winter is the coldest temperate season, with more snow and higher energy bills. However, solar installation in autumn can gradually prepare homeowners for the winter months. Energy bills will spike during winter because of the additional power that residential houses may need during the seasonal holidays. Hence, installing a home solar power system in autumn can significantly reduce the pile-up of energy bills before winter.


3.    Significant Energy Production

Contrary to the popular myth that solar panels don’t work in cool temperatures, they work perfectly in cold seasons. This is because solar panels generate energy from the sunlight, not the sun’s heat. It should be noted that there is a 10%-25% decrease in the efficiency of solar panels with increased temperatures. Hence, going solar in autumn will bring benefits by stimulating significant energy production with no issue. You have more to gain by going solar in autumn; all your panel needs is a residential solar roof mount to hold them in place against the breeze and the eventual snowfall during the upcoming winter months.


Make a Change This Autumn!

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You can make a change this autumn by going solar! Green Visions Solar is always on hand to bring your wishes to reality. We are competent and qualified to handle your solar installation in autumn and all other temperate seasons. So, contact us today, and enjoy clean and green energy.

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