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Solar in Agriculture: Ultimate Guide for Farmers on Going Solar

If you own a farm, you are likely familiar with the expenses and the general costs required to keep the farm in operation, such as paying energy bills. One good way to cope with the costs is to consider an alternative energy source. Solar energy is clean and green, posing little or no harmful environmental effects, particularly on farm produce. When farmers go solar, there are several benefits attached. Farmers get the chance to protect the environment from hazard build-up.

There are solar companies in Syracuse, NY, from whom farmers can reliably install a solar system to keep their farm business together. This article discusses the benefits of going solar, frequently asked questions about going solar in agriculture, and the state incentives for solar farming.


Key Advantages of Going Solar in Agriculture

  •   Farmers get to produce electricity to run their farms, automatically reducing energy bills and saving costs.
  •   Fosters and promotes the use of clean and green energy
  •   Reduces the farm’s harmful environmental impact
  •   Increases the general value of the farm and its produce

Installing a home power solar system for agricultural use may be tough. Farmers may wonder if it will really be an excellent long-term decision and if it will not negatively impact their crops. So then, let us answer a few frequently asked questions to guide farmers on going solar.


Will Solar Panels Render the Soil Toxic?

Not at all! Keeping a good farm, be it plants or animal farms, requires good, fertilized, and uncontaminated soils. Hence, going solar will not harm your soil; instead, it nourishes it. How? Solar panels are mostly made with silicon; naturally, this abundant element plays a crucial role in plants’ growth. Therefore, your farm produce is safe with solar in the long run.


Is High Maintenance Needed for Solar Panels Installed on Farms?

Not necessarily! When you install solar panels through trusted commercial solar providers in Cortland County, NY, like Green Visions Solar, you have little to spend on maintenance.

Maintenance may be done twice or once a year, depending on the weather condition. When you partner with us at Green Vision Solar, you can rest assured that maintenance will not be a problem.


Are There Solar State Incentives for Farmers?

Yes, definitely! All New Yorkers going solar in 2022 stand a chance to enjoy the fee incentives and save as much as $1,425 on average.

As a farmer, about 50% of the solar power installation costs are covered by federal and state tax credits. In addition, tax credits can be carried over for up to 5 years, allowing easy and less expensive transitioning.


Go Solar!

At Green Visions Solar, we can help you as a farmer go solar. We will help you to significantly reduce costs with our farm solar panels, whether residential or commercial. As a solar company in Syracuse, NY, we are delighted to offer the best alternative energy source to farmers across all counties in New York. Call us today to get a free quote!

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